Ven. Sogan Rinpoche
Tupten Osel Choling
Tupten Osel Choling (TOC) is a Tibetan Buddhist, non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay area. It was founded to support the work of Ven. Sogan Rinpoche who has generously offered to share his knowledge of the Buddha Dharma with anyone wishing to receive it.

TOC sponsors teachings, animal release ceremonies and retreats, and invites other Buddhist masters to teach in the San Francisco area.


The meaning of Tupten Osel Choling

Tupten Osel Choling is actually a shortened form of the Tibetan phraseTupten Osel Chokhor Ling which is shown below:
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Tupten means the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha
Osel means the clear light of ultimate reality
Chokhor means Dharmacakra – or – the wheel of the Dharma  
Ling means the abode

So the name can be translated as:
The Abode of the Dharma Wheel of the Buddha's Teachings on the Clear Light of Ultimate Reality