GALLERY   Sogan Rinpoche at home in Golok, 2007  (Part 2)
Tibet is often called the "Land of Snows," but in summertime the frozen landscape is transformed into rolling grasslands with fields of wildflowers and pristine rivers, lakes and ponds. During the warmer months nomads move to higher elevations with their herds – they go to their "summer place." When Rinpoche returned to his homeland in July, 2007, he journeyed by horseback to visit his family's traditional summer place.
Photos on this page give a glimpse of that ancient way of life of the native inhabitants of the Tibetan high plateau.
Sogan Rinpoche in Golok, 2007
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Rinpoche and family members journey to their nomadic summer home
In wintertime, these hills will be covered by a deep blanket of snow
Horseback remains the most practical form of transportation in much of Golok
Lake Kokonor is visible in the distance beyond the field of wild flowers
Yaks are a familiar sight in this part of Tibet and an integral part of the traditional way of life
Rinpoche, his father and aunts
For centuries, Tibetan people have had high regard for skill in archery
Rinoche greets a traditionally adorned lamb at the shore of Lake Kokonor
Rinpoche's immediate family: father, sisters and brothers